Free time!

When semester comes to a close with the submission of my final assessment task on Monday, I will have my life back for a glorious month before knuckling down with my head buried in text books until November.

While that sounds quite glorious, right now I’m doing my best not to freak the frizz out! So, I’m taking a short break (procrastinating) to list a few things to look forward to once the end of semester craziness is over with.

In the month that is mine, I will:

* Spend quality time with R
* Play with the fuzzy snails
* Make time to see my friends and family
* Write about the awesome Christmas, birthday and New Years Eve of 2010
* Get an eyebrow wax to resolve the hostile take over my brows are waging on the rest of my face
* Take some photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Listen to music
* Watch some films
* Go to the theatre
* Donate blood
* Write some letters to people I know, and people I don’t
* Read a book for entertainment!
* Clean and reorganise the house
* Drive
* Do something spontaneous without worrying about my schedule

Back to the books. The sooner this task is finished, the better.

Sincerely studying… sort of,
Agnes Stone

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