She’s no dog biscuit, that’s for sure

Some people impact your life without them even realising it.

M is a lady that I have shared a lot of laughs with. We’ve helped each other plan journeys and recounted endless anecdotes about places we had been to, and places we wanted to go.

Earlier this year, M and her husband funded and built huts in a poverty stricken community. She said it was a life changing experience, and cried every day she was there.

M continues to give people hope with her positivity. In the space of only a few months, M has been diagnosed with breast cancer, a heart condition, and also had a stroke. Despite this, she showed up at work today. To actually work. On a Monday no less.

I hadn’t seen her in weeks, and figured she was off on an exciting holiday. Then I saw her standing in the kitchen today, drinking coffee from the Christmas mug she uses year round, comforting a colleague who had just heard M’s news. She is an amazing lady, and today I finally told her that. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity. It’s sad that so often, comments like these are left unsaid.

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