2 thoughts on “I spy with my little eye

  1. The assertion that Apple wants to take control of the content consumers see is a bit hollow, considering that the platform Apple suggests instead of flash are open source standards. (with the exception of h264 video, which is patent riddled)
    The rest on that image is standard fare though.

  2. Perhaps it is standard fare, however it is all too easy to forget or ignore the extent to which our actions online can be monitored and exploited. I find it deeply disturbing that we are moving further towards needing to release our right to privacy if we want to use the internet.

    Beyond Apple’s format controversy, iAd as well as the Google and Facebook equivalents make me feel uneasy. We are already so bombarded by advertising that it contributes to mental fatigue.

    I use products and services from the three organisations listed – with caution. I am not purporting that the organisations mentioned are EVIL. The onus is on the user to make their own choices. I value conscious consumerism and feel this graphic is worth remembering. I am not suggesting that the content be taken it face value alone. It is merely food for thought.

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