Australia: The land of the free (Or so we’d like to think)

Dear Australian Government Australian Taxation Office,

Thank you for your kind note. I see that you failed to adopt the cost cutting measure I suggested during your previous collection. Are the extra 26 characters necessary? Perhaps you will reconsider.

I do hope that you, our politicians, the unmotivated and the 12 year old parents (They can order dinner, smoke, work on the next kid and drink their rum – at once!) have a splendid time spending the tax money. I feel privileged to be granted the opportunity to donate more money to your needs.

I beg you to use the funds to better our nation – Invest in quality education (The education system is going to have a hard time dealing with all the bogan offspring harvested during the previous baby bonus program), efficient transport, accessible health care, the environment, positive social change. Reward the hard working, support the genuinely needy.

You have 12 months to satisfy these requests. Alternatively, you could give my money back.

Agnes J. Stone

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