Degrees of freedom

Oh my. A statistics joke. I’m putting myself on notice.

Things I am looking forward to in the post-stats-exam world:
– Having the luxury of leisure time in place of bouts of procrastination intensive study
– Having the time to re-think my time management strategies
– De-cluttering and re-organising. The perpetual Lost and Found style of possession management is getting old.
– Using hyphens > subtraction symbols
– Catching up with friends
– Overcoming a personal hurdle. The thought of studying this subject was enough to send me into such a state of anxiety that I would feel physically ill. With the support of a passionate, empathetic and very patient teacher, I now have a confidence in my ability that I thought impossible. That said, the exam is still making me nervous, I just haven’t gone completely bat shit crazy yet. There’s still time.

This list will grow.


– I am also looking forward to no longer dreaming about ANOVA summary tables, Tukey’s Honestly Significant Difference test, multiple regression analysis and Eta-squared. Study on a Saturday night, followed by dreams of statistics is only a smidge up from heading to the infamous seedy night club near by on my list of preferred weekend activities.
– In addition, I’m looking forward to doing things I like. It will be nice to have a brief respite before the next onslaught of study. I miss first year! I was so foot loose and fancy free. It was so much easier.
– I’m looking forward to studying a subject which will allow me to use my writing skills.
– Reading! I will have time to read for enjoyment!


– I’m also looking forward to a break from procrastinating. It can be such hard work.

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