This one goes out to you, 301.

Oh all night study bender, how you transport me back to the sleepless nights of my youth. The sea of paper, the scrawled notes, the typo filled document, the aches caused by poor posture, the eye strain, the bad hair. The difference now is that it’s not the night before my assignment is due.

Dear Bed,

I miss you. Wish you were here I was there.


1 thought on “This one goes out to you, 301.

  1. I understand the feeling completely, or lack thereof.. Does your bottom go numb after sitting in the same spot typing for several hours too?

    I wish we could go back to the days when we attended uni on campus and didn’t have to work because the money the government gave us for studying was enough to live on. Then again, I like my hair better now, and I don’t have to live with my folks in the middle of nowhere anymore.

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