Misheard lyrics

It’s an unfortunate crime we’re all guilty of, often not recognising the error until a night of drunken karaoke rears it’s ugly head. Here are a few of my personal favourites:

Roxette – ‘You’ve gotta get dressed, for safe sex”

Laugh all you want, it’s good advice and may well have been the beginning of my education on such matters.

Alanis Morrisette “F*** you”

When I first heard this song, I was disgusted. The song took on a completely different feel when I was corrected on this one. 

Bananarama – ‘Venus’

My third, and final confession is by far the worst. In the late 80s, my brother and I dissolved into fits of laughter when the film clip for this song came on the television. I clearly remember our cousins (who were staying over) and parents being puzzled about what was so funny. So now, a decade or two later, I shall reveal all…

We thought they were singing “penis” and “vagina”, not “venus” and “fire”. “Put your penis, in my vagina. Your desire.”

Oh dear.

Singing the wrong lyrics with sincerity,

Agnes J Stone.

2 thoughts on “Misheard lyrics

  1. Hilltophoods have a song with the line
    “sucking titties representing the city I grew up in”
    I heard and sing
    “kittys representing the city I grew up in”

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