Cleaning is educational

I have thrown the gauntlet at myself. A long standing item on my ‘To Do’ list has been the culling and reorganisation of my possessions. The plan is to only keep the items I love. Any items that don’t make the cut will be offered to others, with any rejects being donated to charity.

[Side note: Sure, I could skip the step of offering items to friends and family and just donate all of my cast offs to charity. If I can make someone I care about feel a little extra fabulous by giving them something I used to love, and if the items don’t end up in the garbage, surely it’s a positive outcome? I donate to many charities throughout the year. I don’t think I’m being too harsh by refraining from dumping things off at the local op shop immediately. If you think I am, then take the shirt off your back and donate it immediately!]

Hidden in the disarray was a bundle of forgotten currency. Surprise savings are always a welcome find. Nestled in amongst the treasure is a $100 note. A few years ago, R received a very generous gift from his grandmother. R kindly gave me one of the notes which (up until recently) I saved in secret, so that he could put it towards his first house deposit. It felt like a nice way of making sure that such a kind gesture from a remarkable lady would always be remembered. Now that R knows, he agrees.

Cleaning can also be educational. For instance, I have learned that on the 24th of October, 2008 at 5.20PM, I purchased powder room paper, peanut butter, orange juice (with pulp) and a free range chicken for a total of $26.77. I was served by Alex at register two, and paid 54 cents GST. R and I had arrived home from Paris a few days earlier and were craving rotisserie chicken. [Yes, more brackets – Little glass cased rotisseries are set up on the footpaths showcasing delicious smelling chickens and potatoes. I’m not an enthusiastic meat eater, however would gladly head back to Paris to sample the dancing poulet roti!]

I wonder what else I will stumble upon.

Open Source University™ – Philosophy 101

In the midst of your existential crisis, your mind may be flooded with questions. What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? What is the point of it all? Did Madonna really sing back up on this track? Is the deep voice hers? Am I following the right path? What do I need to do to find fulfillment?

Well wonder no more. This young chap has worked it all out.

If I’d known it was all this simple, I wouldn’t have danced to Joy Division. I wouldn’t own shares in Lilly and Pfizer. I would have stocked up on suits the decade before I was born.


Let’s wear wet-look ties and self actualise.

Professor Stone

[Wasn’t the dancing towards the end of the clip top shelf?]